Mrs. Sandra Dua

Educator Award

Yeshiva of Central Queens is proud to present its coveted Educator Award to Mrs. Sandra Dua who has been teaching general studies in the elementary division of YCQ for the past eighteen years. She has earned the respect and admiration of all her students.
           Born and bred in the Bronx, Sandy graduated cum laude from Hunter College and pursued a master’s degree in education at St. Johns University.
          Sandra married Steven in 1988, the couple settled in Kew Gardens Hills.  They joined the Young Israel of Queens Valley where the entire family became committed members and actively involved in all aspects the shul.  Sandy has served numerous terms as President of the Women’s League and is always first to volunteer for YIQV or community projects. Steven is a former president and now gabbai.  Shelby is baal koreh and kiddush manager.  Both Steven and Shelby are students of Rabbi Binyamin Steinberg’s Daf Yomi.  Steven is currently completing his third cycle of Daf Yomi – a major accomplishment.  (A daf yomi cycle is seven and a half years.)
          The Duas are very proud of their children.  Shelby graduated YCQ in 2005 and Aaron in 2011.  Both attended DRS and Reishit in Eretz Yisrael.  Shelby has a masters in special education and was recently promoted to IPE coordinator at PS 177.  He and his wife Aviva celebrated their marriage in February 2019.  Aaron is attending Queens College and learns with his chavrusa at Hashevaynu.  He serves as hockey coach and as a Shabbaton coordinator at YCQ.
          Mrs. Dua is always seeking innovative ways to stimulate the creative juices of her students and derives much satisfaction to be part of their growth and development. She is inclusive of all her students, making use of their individual strengths. Mrs. Dua is always available to give individual attention to those who need it. She encourages the students to maximize their potential and promotes their self-esteem.
          May she have much nachas from her own children and her children at YCQ. 
Mazal tov