We are pleased to pay tribute to Mrs. Melissa Cohen as she celebrates her “chai”, eighteenth year at YCQ, first as an educator, followed by the last eight years as an Assistant Principal. Raised in Merrick, Long Island, Melissa received her elementary and high school education at the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC).
After studying at Michlellet Esther in Har Nof, Melissa went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in elementary education and her Master’s Degree in childhood education (grades 1-6) from Stern College. Mrs. Cohen joined the YCQ staff as a general studies teacher in 2004, partnering with Morah Patchen who taught limudei kodesh. Mrs. Cohen quickly gained much popularity from students and parents alike. Observing Mrs. Cohen’s potential as a rising star in the field of education, Rabbi Landsman encouraged Mrs. Cohen to pursue graduate work at Brooklyn College where she received a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership as well as a School Building Leadership certification. In 2013, Mrs. Cohen was appointed Assistant Principal for General Studies Elementary Division and continues to flourish in this capacity.
During the past eighteen years, Mrs. Cohen has worked assiduously to maximize the achievements of the students, revamping the curriculum, especially in reading and math. She has been collecting data on state tests, tracking progress of the students as they work to reach their benchmark goals while providing encouragement and additional resources in a nurturing environment.
Mrs. Cohen has spent much time investing in her instructional staff, helping the teachers grow in their profession by creating an optimal classroom environment, providing emotional support and offering many opportunities to advance in their core material, teaching methods and classroom management. She goes out of her way to make her staff feel appreciated.
Possessing the unique combination of warmth and caring and that of a proficient manager and administrator, she is succeeding in bringing out the best in her teachers and students and has earned the admiration from both parents and colleagues.
Mrs. Cohen attributes lots of her successes to the back-up support of her husband, Avinoam, and to the cooperation of her “cheering squad”, her beloved children who were all educated at YCQ: Eitan, her oldest son, currently studying in Eretz Yisrael; Arielle, now attending SKA; and Erin (Tzipora) currently in seventh grade at YCQ. They are all very proud of their incredible mom.
May Mrs. Cohen be zocheh to continue to imbue her warmth, midot tovot, and a strong desire to learn and succeed, in her children and all the children of the YCQ family.
We wish her much mazal, bracha v’hatzlacha.