YCQ is proud to honor its veteran parents, Devora and Bruce Stiefel, as the 2022 Parents of the Year. Devora Lederer Stiefel and Bruce Stiefel have lived in North Woodmere since 2002 and are active members of the Young Israel of North Woodmere community.
Searching for a true Torah U’Madda Yeshiva for their three children, Lauren, Eric, and Nicole, the Stiefels selected YCQ, which became their children’s “home away from home”. In addition to excelling in their academic studies, the Stiefel children have actively participated in various extracurricular activities, such as “Names, Not Numbers” – a year-long Holocaust remembrance program, as well as E2K, and SET3 – math and engineering programs. Lauren was on the basketball team, graduated YCQ in 2016, studied at the Midreshet Lindenbaum in Israel, and is currently attending the Watson School of Engineering in Binghamton.  Eric graduated in 2018 and was a member of the winning hockey team when YCQ won its first championship after an undefeated season. Eric is currently a senior at the Rambam Mesivta in Lawrence.  Nicole is graduating YCQ this year. She has enjoyed becoming a ‘big sister’ to a new student at the school, as part of the welcome program at YCQ.  She is a youth leader in her community as well as an animal lover who dog sits in her spare time.  Devora enthusiastically volunteered as a class mother for over ten years.
Mrs. Stiefel has been involved in education for many years, as a classroom educator, teacher trainer, staff developer and curriculum writer.  She consults for OnPoint Writing Consultants.  Mrs. Stiefel is a respected member of YCQ’s Board of Education and shares her educational expertise with the dedicated faculty of our Yeshiva to enhance its challenging curriculum. In particular, she looks for ways to further improve the ELA curriculum with practical tools to implement new instructional techniques. Bruce is an IT infrastructure and cyber security analyst and volunteers for Community Security Service (CSS) at the Young Israel.  They have both involved their family in assisting and supporting senior members in the community with errands and Shabbos visits as well as running blood drives.
Even with all their professional and voluntary commitments, both Devora and Bruce have always taken a deep interest in their children’s overall progress.  They have tremendous hakarat hatov for the unique nature of YCQ and the personal attention lavished upon each student.
We salute the Stiefels for contributing to the overall enhancement of our Yeshiva and wish them much nachat from their wonderful children.