Thursday February 25th 2021

To bring in the crazy, exciting, fun month of Adar, on Friday, the pre-school and elementary school students dressed as their favorite heroes, from police officers, doctors, and athletes to Superman and Wonder Woman. After a week of exciting in classroom learning about the Magillah, the students and staff walked the halls in their costumes, sharing Mishloach Manot with teachers and friends.  On Wednesday, each grade got to enjoy an amazing Purim activity with the Schnitzel Guys.  Even in a challenging year, with additional rules, YCQ kept the simcha alive as we began our Purim celebration.

This week, the boys in Rabbi Kramer’s 8th grade Gemara shiur had the         opportunity to help pack bags at the Chazaq food pantry.  The boys         demonstrated great teamwork while packing bags with the various food items.  Together, they packed close to 200 bags which were later distributed to local families to enhance their Simchat   Purim.  Yasher Koach!  Thank you to Mrs. Ayelet Katz for organizing the trip!

This past Sunday, Rabbi Yosef Howitt, YCQ fifth and eighth grade rebbe, gave an excellent shiur to our fifth through eighth grade parents and students. Rabbi Howitt wondered how it would be possible to have a happy mood this Purim given the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our emotions. He helped us understand that through studying the  story of the Megillah we can gain a better appreciation and      understanding that HaShem does not want us to worry, he rather wants us to do teshuva and then relax and be happy knowing that HaShem is taking care of everything as he did in the time of Megillah Esther. Rabbi Howitt pointed out how impressed he is with our YCQ students and how they have been able to be happy even all the discomfort that the pandemic has caused and that he has learned from our       students about how to be happy during a difficult situation. The shiur ended with a wonderful raffle whereby four students won some great prizes. Special thanks to Rabbi Bernstein for organizing another inspiring Sunday learning program.

This year’s Annual PTO Supperette was a huge digital success. The evening paid tribute to Mr. Gary Schwartzman, who has taught many years of YCQ students and Mrs. Lauren Golubtchik on their retirement following many years of teaching our students and helping to shape their lives; as well as Mrs. Liron Friedman who is after a few years as transportation coordinator and all around the best administrative assistant who moving on. The Supperette Committee worked hard to bring us together to show hakarat hatov to colleagues, children’s teachers, and to spend a fun evening with friends remotely this year A special thank you goes to the committee for planning such an enjoyable evening.

Thursday evening, February 6, the PTO organized their annual Challah Bake. Bringing members of the Yeshiva and community together to perform the mitzvah of Hafrashat challah. At the PTO event, a crowd of over 100 women, men, and children gathered together to partake in this meaningful mitzvah. Rebeka Boxer, Mrs., Kosher Guru, gave the participants guidance and chizuk through her inspirational story of faith and miracles and of how this mitzvah has brought her closer to HaShem. She discussed the connection between performing the mitzvah of Hafrashat challah and the miracle of facing difficult obstacles in life by connecting to ones Yiddishkeit and to HaShem.

When the challah dough was complete, in a meaningful moment, the entire room in unison made the Hafrashat challah bracha, bringing a spiritual feeling of achdut and understanding. Thank you to Julie Faska, Rachel Stern, Aliza Peled, Valerie Olsen, Melissa Stock, and those who stayed for hours after to help clean up. A lot of work by the volunteers went into making this event an experience to remember and get others to continue baking challah and davening to HaShem with kavanah.

On Motza’ei Shabbat, the PTO ran a winter carnival. Over two hundred students and parents enjoyed an evening of games, prizes, relay races, treats, and a bounce in the bounce house. Parents had the opportunity to mingle with other parents and students and their siblings got to spend time with friends. Several of the students came to help and run booths, sell food, and even clean up when the evening came to an end. A special thank you to the parent volunteers, their children, and JHS students who began set up on Friday and cleaned up after the event. The success would not have been possible without you. Looking forward to your continued involvement in our Parent Teacher Organization helping us unite parents, students, and our Yeshiva.

This past Tuesday evening, The YCQ PTO once again hosted the Preschool Welcome Bash. Nursery and Kindergarten teachers, students, and their families came out for a delicious dinner and craft project. Students had a chance to meet their new classmates and teachers. Parents were able to meet each other and speak with the teachers as well. A good time was had by all! Thank you to the Bash committee members: Ariella Levine, Rachel Stern, Aliza Peled, Valerie Olsen, Jennifer Jaffe, Rachel Orenbuch, Daniella Rafaeloff, and to Rabbi Landsman, Morah Sharon and all the Nursery and Kindergarten teachers for making the event a success! Thank you also to Rabbi Lonner and Rabbi Kovitz and to the YCQ lunchroom staff for all their hard work.